Live Review: red fang, helms alee, gaytheist

red fang, helms alee,
oct. 18, 2013 • the skakedown

Anytime the words “Red” and “Fang” show up on a show poster around town, people lose their shit. Needless to say, Red Fang has left quite the impression on the heavy-music loving masses in town- as their shows seem to sell out every time, and for months leading up to the show everyone is like “hey, are you going to the Red Fang show?” Of course, the answer is always “yes,” and always will be.
While Red Fang have been around for quite a while now, it has only been recently that they have become a buzz band outside of heavy music circles. Their latest release “Whales and Leeches” has garnered rave reviews from pretty much every major and minor music site and magazine known to man, and in the process they have been described as the heir apparent to the radio-friendly hard rock throne that has long been occupied by bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Mastodon, among others.
While Red Fang bills in town always boast an impressive supporting cast, I was especially thrilled with this one, as it has my favorite Seattle band (Helms Alee) and my favorite Portland band (Gaytheist.) Gaytheist, a power-pop/ punk/ metal trio, are great. Their music is catchy and heavy- and very short, with songs that typically last 3 minutes tops. They played some great songs of their latest record “Hold Me…But Not So Tight,” which was released by Seattle’s impressive Good To Die Records. Next was Helms Alee, which everyone is probably pretty aware of already- heavy, talented, super nice people that know exactly how to get a crowd pumped for Red Fang.
Red Fang took the stage and promptly made everyone lose their goddamned minds. They played all the popular cuts (“Wires,” and their newest single “Blood Like Cream,” among others) and played plenty of material from their latest release. The crowd moshed, stage dove and head banged their way to oblivion. On a side note, after attending the show, I have to safety tips for all you crazy people out there:
1. Wear ear plugs next time: Red Fang will make destroy your hearing in a matter of minutes.
2. If you are going to crowd surf, please know what you are getting yourself into: Pretty sure someone broke a bone at the show. The Shakedown is not really the most ideal place for crowd surfing, and keep in mind most people in the crowd do not feel like holding you up for more than a few seconds.
At the end of the show, Red Fang said they considered themselves a Bellingham band…which is a sentiment that I believe Bellingham is more than happy to reciprocate.
–Rod Lottter