Live Review: sarah in the wild, black beast revival, aryon jones and the way

sarah in the wild,
black beast revival,

oct.19, 2013 • wild buffalo jones and the way

Sarah in the Wild, made up of local singer/songwriter Sarah Goodin on guitar and vocals, Jake Werrion on bass, Cade Capp on drums, and their most recent addition, lead guitarist David Batdorf., opened the show. They delivered a solid set of alternative rock. Werrion and Capp provide an excellent rhythm section, evident on a track like “Have a Heart.” Goodin has one of the most powerful voices in town. The addition of Batdorf on guitar compliments this, as a lead guitarist his solos sore in a way comparable to her the way voice her flies over the music.
Black Beast Revival were up next, the band still consists of Erin James (vocals/guitar), Bryce Ervin (bass), and Bill Anker (drums) but Zack Van Houten has left the band. He’s been replaced by Old Mutt guitarist Gage Baird. This was his second show as BBR’s lead guitarist. BBR debuted some new songs as well as playing some classics from Volume 1. Some of those songs it seemed like Baird was still finding his footing, particularly in the beginning of the set but once he found that footing it was clear why he was chosen. He’s a bit punkier and it is interesting to hear how it alters BBR sound. One thing I admired about Baird was he didn’t try and fill the shoes of the previous lead guitarist. Baird walked in with his own pair and he owned it.
Ayron Jones and the Way is made up of songwriter and frontman Ayron Jones, bassist DeAndre Enrico and Kai Van DePitte on drums (who joined the band in June of this year.) They play hard-rocking blues, in vein of Hendrix, but with a lot of contemporary influences mixed in. The band themselves cities Nirvana, blues, hip hop, punk and so on – but it’s hard not to keep coming back to Hendrix. A lot of it has to do with the fact the band is also a three piece (they even did a cover of Voodoo Child that they absolutely killed) but the other half is Jones himself. He’s an excellent guitar player. When watching him perform it’s like an extension of his arm, he can play these complex lines while still jumping around, or standing on the monitors showing it all to the crowd. This is a band that gives it all and Ayron Jones himself is a mesmerizing musician to watch.
-Ethan Smith