CD Review: A. Guest

A. Guest
The Getaway

A.Guest’s new EP, The Getaway, demonstrates his immersion in the Americana-bluegrass genre and  shows his venture away from his previous work’s electro-acoustic, ambient sounds. Rich with melody and harmony, it boasts Guest’s strongest talents as a songwriter and a composer.
The first song, “Bluebird,” showcases the strengths of his previous albums–circling rhythms and looped beats; spiraling and soaring keys, indeed evocative of a bird in flight; and a touch of ambient, synth layers. From here, Guest takes a direct turn into Americana folk. “Lost It All” and “The Getaway” highlight
Guest’s knack for storytelling, and both benefit from the layered strings and splashing drums ever present in Polecat, his other project. The strong folk tone and sweet fiddle melody of “Lost It All” cast
Guest, at only 28, as a veteran of the genre. “The Getaway” swerves back and forth between a dark but lovely string-rich melody and deep vocals depicting life on the road.
“Forgotten Words” shifts tone again with Guest’s whispered vocals and pretty harmonies – it’s northwest mountain folk topped with Fleet Foxes influence. The final song, however, is darker, heavier, reminiscent of early 90’s Seattle Rock. The thick guitar lends itself to the menacing lyrics – “you’ll never be lonely with nothing to gain… If you only could see me now.”  The Getaway offers a glimpse into A.Guest’s current position as a musician: deep in the groove of the Americana genre he plays along boundaries with the instruments and styles he’s been mastering for years.
-Brooklyn Walter & Miky Tupe