CD Review: Eagle Teeth

Eagle Teeth
Falcon Fangs

Falcon Fangs is a five track EP from the camp of Eagle Teeth. Its undeniably awesome. The band clearly loves music and its members seemingly indulge in a wide spectrum of influences. I will leave the assumption of the band’s direct influences to the listener; however, Eagle Teeth’s sound defines fun. Their sound is a pure, sweaty, dance until 4 am with a complete stranger and then cook them eggs for breakfast type fun. It’s funky, smart, sharp; and yet its deep, smooth and steady, like… Well, you get the idea.
The EP’s largest success is the distinct balance between the groovy low end and the guitar and vocal melodies. From the beginning, rhythm infects your foot with each passing second. Halfway through the third track “Babes on Bicycles,” as I’m tapping along with the bouncy and determined drums, singer David Dees utters the all to relevant phrase: “I can’t control my body”. Naturally, without realizing it, my head and shoulders have joined my feet in a free for all session of white guy dancing while no one is looking. I’m not even a little ashamed to admit that.
The intelligence of this EP is not to be ignored. While none of the songs are necessarily groundbreaking in the universe of music, they are a monumental stand out in our fair city of Bellingham.
Falcon Fangs is poppy and danceable from a musical stand point, but provocative and engaging from a lyrical stance. The underlying message I took from it: Be yourself, be weird, have some fun while you’re at it.
–Andrew Beer