CD Review: Lovers Without Borders

Lovers Without Borders
Stuck Inside Port Townsend (with a…)

Fresh off of their fantastic addition to the K Records International Pop Underground series (“Detective,” IPU-142), the new kings of crash pop are back with another single.
A-side, “Stuck Inside Port Townsend,” is a nostalgic ode to the absent, featuring Karl Blau’s harmonium (the sax is still in the shop), and Alex Parrish’s wide eyed rhythm guitar. Jessica Bonin’s harmonies provide added warmth to the irresistible refrain, “tonight we’re starting something.”
B-side “Man Vacation” is uncharacteristically dark. “Broke into the research station/trying to take a look at my brain.” It’s a fun dark; dark that can be found in a comic book.
Two-thirds Skagit and one-third Whatcom, Lovers Without Borders represents a regional network of pop that runs through the soil of the Pacific Northwest. As Karl sings, “We both know California could never be my home.”
(Editor’s Note: As What’s Up! hit the presses, Karl announced that he was moving to Los Angeles).
-Nick Thacker