CD Review: Odd Ones Out

Odd Ones Out
Carved Bear

Age is truly just a number for Bellingham classic rockers Odd Ones Out. These young teenage musicians have put out their debut EP Carved Bear that is a fun romp through the sounds and rhythms of an earlier (but not by any means dead!) era of Rock N’ Roll. Despite being fairly early in their musical careers this five-piece group crafts an ambitious sound that easily competes with bands 20 years their senior. While most musicians their age are content with rocking Green Day covers in their garage, Odd Ones Out have broken the mold and made five solid classic rock creations to call their very own.
As the opening guitar for their first song “Hello” begins your mind is instantly transported to the time when bands such as Lynard Skynard and Led Zeppelin ruled the world, and vocalist Vinnie Blackshadow’s Rush-inspired vocal performance adds a welcome element to the mix. It is obvious who these musicians were inspired by and their music is a fitting homage to that era. Throughout listening to “Carved Bear” you always feel that Odd Ones Out are paying tribute to the bands that made their sound possible rather than just imitating them, but as the band grows it would be nice to see them evolve into a style that is more unique and splashed with a little more flavor of personality. As of right now though, the band knows what they’re doing, they do it well, and have more than enough time to grow and evolve.
Odd Ones Out seem to be naturals in the ways of rock and have tailored a sound for themselves that is wise beyond their years. Their new EP Carved Bear is an easy recommendation to anyone who is a fan of classic rock, as well as people who are fans of bands with nowhere to go but up.
–Raleigh Davis