CD Review: Polyrhythmics

Libra Stripes

Libra Stripes is a straight-up, no-doubt, funk album. Groovy, jungle-vibing, feel-good jams, with an excellent blend of slowin’ it down and pickin’ it back up again, the Polyrhythmics know how to jam. The group is comprised of eight individuals (including one that lives in Bellingham), but together they put out one sound, and that sound is funk.
This is music to cruise to, to glide to, to jive to, and to feel alive to. Tracks like ‘Moon Cabbage’ and ‘Libra Stripes’ feature extra psychedelic vibes for freshness, and the synthesizer working with the horns section throughout the drive the music to a unique take on the afro-beat funk Polyrhytmics is known for. ‘Pupusa Strut’ is the cut on this album, the jazz flute on this track is out-of-control, Ron Burgundy style. Although if you like your funk all nitty-gritty-like you’ll be feelin’ ‘Skin the Fat.’ It’s includes some sexy guitar playin’ by Ben Bloom and you’ll be quite pleased with the keys as well.
This album has got plenty of thumpin’ bass and brass, and each track has got its own flavor to it. Libra Stipes is a top-notch work by the Polyrhythmics, and if you consider yourself to be a funky individual I’d absolutely recommend checking it out.
-Mark Broyels