CD Review: Sanoma


Sanoma’s Seafaring EP provides a crisp dose of swashbuckling surf-inspired rock-n-roll goodness with four songs inspired by the likes of the Sadies, Link Wray, Dick Dale, and Henry Mancini. Skillfully recorded and mixed at Buena Vista Audio by Jonathan Anderson (also credited with harmony vocals, bass and percussion), Seafaring embarks on a cinematic musical voyage.
The symphonic storm rises on the opening instrumental track, “Westport,” with Nathan Beede’s reverb-soaked guitar onslaught. It gains momentum with the collaborative efforts of bassist, Luke McGee, and drummer, Cory Dement, who provide the perfect rhythmic wave for Beede’s guitar riffs to navigate. “Great Whites,” the second track, features Beede’s comforting vocals in stark contrast to the haunting tone of the song.
The pirate-themed third track, “Davy Jones’s Locker,” is an upbeat song with good arrangement and lyrics that pose challenging questions about life. With references to Treasure Island and Old Ned Low, it’s a hauntingly fun song. The final track, “El Capitan,” is another pulsating instrumental featuring an in-and-out current of wavy, reverb-drenched guitar riffs, undulating bass and drums and a delicate drizzling of electric piano provided by keyboardist Nick Rupert.
With its high quality production, well-orchestrated arrangements and impressive musicianship, Seafaring takes you out to sea, hits you with a few rogue waves, tosses you into the water, and finally spits you out with the upwash onto an unfamiliar beach, leaving you thirsting for more. Four songs is simply not enough.
-Thomas Farrell