CD Review: Week of Wonders

Week of Wonders
Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records

Week of Wonders’ Piggybacks is a two-song offering best paired with warm sand between your toes and a cool umbrella cocktail in your hand.  It’s true; finding both of those things in northwest Washington can be next to impossible, especially during this time of year. Should you desire to make the attempt, Week of Wonders will be there to provide the soundtrack, as the beach side troubadours that they are.
Each song is riddled with waves of echo heavy guitar, encouraging a dismissal of reality. Even if it’s just for a moment, the listener may very well be sitting on the beach in the tropics sipping fruity rum drinks.  The rhythm is, as it often is, the highlight for me. The drums are bright, splashy, sometimes frantic, sometimes steadfast, and are always on time.  The bass is in turn, played with outstanding compliment to the guitar.
For me, this fantasy is most potent in small doses. I’m happy that there are only two songs on this seven inch vinyl release. That is a good and refreshing amount – they’ve also released a CD which included extra recordings, and rather than go into detail about the additional tracks, I can say that the extras were an extension of the original product. After two songs all that echo starts to get a little less dreamy and a little more abrasive. For all Piggybacks’ success at transporting the listener to a better place, we all have to come home and get back to work eventually. The vacation can’t last forever.
–Andrew Beer