CD Review: Wishing Well

Wishing Well
The Summer Sessions

As one listens to Wishing Well’s new album “The Summer Sessions,” one gets a sense that they are attending a clinic on how to write a good folk-pop song.  The album is simple, unadorned by the frills common in most contemporary music.  This allows the craft of songwriting to shine through on the album and make for some memorable moments.
Wishing Well structures the songs of the album in a fairly unassuming manner with often just a couple of instruments, either a guitar/bass or guitar/piano pairing is often the only accompaniment to the vocals.  This sort of arrangement can easily lead to mediocrity on most albums but here, the strength of the melodies, harmonies, and lyrics engage the listener.
The album’s opening track “Highway” vaguely echoes the work of The Traveling Wilburys and aptly kicks off what would make a great roadtrip disc.  The next standout song would have to be “Hands” which builds at an even pace into a great crescendo of folk pop revelry.
–Garrett Hendricks