Live Review: 3 inches of blood, kodiak, witchburn, last bastion

Nov. 15, 2013 • wild buffalo

Inches of Blood is one of those bands that always seems to pack the house, despite being relatively unknown to the general music listening audience. The band’s name denotes a tongue-in-cheek sensibility, which is also obvious in their live performances and the decidedly retro metal music they play. In essence, the band utilizes the satan-loving, leather daddy biker aesthetics of 80s metal gods like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, and the music is no different.
The current line-up for the band hailing from Victoria, British Columbia feature none of the original members but still packed a punch during their set at the Wild Buffalo. The set featured the high-pitched wailings, rip roarin’ guitar solos and bottom-heavy grooves that have made the band a favorite of metalheads around the world and spanned their entire catalog.
While the genre is not particularly my favorite type of heavy music, they put on a hell of a show and the crowd was way into it. I was much more interested in the opening acts, which were local band Kodiak and Seattle bands Witchburn and Last Bastion. Kodiak is, of course, a well-known commodity in Bellingham. The black metal band features members from Full Frontal Assault, Leatherhorn and the All-Nighters amongst many other projects that have made a lasting mark on the Bellingham metal scene. Their set was loud and tight and seemed on the surface at least to be much more serious than the brand of metal that 3 Inches of Blood and the other bands specialize in.
My favorite band of the night was Witchburn, because of the simple fact they operate in the metal spectrum I love most, that of the stoney variety. The band has the thick riffs in the Black Sabbath zone, but slightly faster and with some high-pitched vocals thrown in ala Dio-era Sabbath, which seemed to appeal to the metal dudes in the audience.
– Rodney Lotter