Live Review: turquoise jeep, the music producers club

Nov. 13, 2013 • the shakedown

Turquoise Jeep is a band you would commonly refer to as “internet-famous.” They are more popular because of their various YouTube videos than they are for songs that would beplayed on the radio or best-selling albums. In fact, I have yet to see an actual album in its physical form put out by the Turquoise Jeep label. My roommate, through the life-changing video for “Lemme Smang It,” introduced me to them about a year-and-a-half ago. Alright, it’s not really “life changing,” but it is still great. The use of cheesy effects, fake facial hair, fantastic and flamboyant dance moves and lyrics like “Lemme smang it girl, smash it and bang. The way I work that kitty gonna make that heart sang,” did make me laugh a lot and love them forever.
Unfortunately, I arrived late to the show, so I missed the openers The Music Producers Club.
Turquoise Jeep is a hip-hop collective featuring various members during their live incarnations, and their music videos have accumulated millions of views since their start in 2009. Needless to say, I was super stoked when I heard they would be gracing the stage of The Shakedown, and I was not let down by any means. I am always hesitant about seeing my favorite hip-hop acts live because it is difficult to predict how it will translate live, but this was the type of spectacle I was really hoping for. I was let down that Slick Mahoney was not present, but was very glad that Flynt Flossy, Whatchyamacallit and Yung Humma were in attendance.
The group took the stage and owned it. There is no doubt, Flynt Flossy is one of the best dancers today. All of the performers were on stage after a few songs and did some choreography in sync with each other while performing such hits as “Stretchy Pants,” “Naughty Farmer,” “Treat Me Like A Pirate,” and “Fried or Fertilized,” which has the chorus “how you like your eggs, fried or fertilized?” You get the idea. The group is very tongue-in-cheek and very entertaining. If you don’t crack a smile hearing one of their songs, then you aren’t human, or you just take yourself way too seriously. Either way, when they started grinding in the audience, I cracked a smile and it did not go away until I fell asleep later that night.
–Rodney Lotter