Signed Magazine: Industry standard

by Raleigh Davis

It is obvious where the fires of Harrison Kadwit’s heart burn the hottest, and that is music and everything that surrounds it. It is that love that recently birthed Kadwit’s Signed Magazine, a publication focused on the inner workings of the music industry through first hand accounts of musicians, both veterans and fresh-faced.
Kadwit, of Utah, is a senior at Western Washington University pursuing an Interdisciplinary Degree in Business and Music at Fairhaven College. The seeds for Signed were first planted while Kadwit was an intern at Barsuk Records two years ago. While stuffing CD singles into cases for Ben Gibbard’s latest release at the time, an idea dawned on him: The fact that a lot of people don’t know how much blood, sweat and tears go into making albums and how little the average listener knows about the inner workings of the music industry.
“I figured that people should know about how that stuff works,” Kadwit said, noting one of Signed’s main goals.
Making its debut during Yellingham 2013 and having released two issues to date, Signed has already featured quite a list of musicians, including Death Cab for Cutie bassist Nick Harmer, Henry Rollins of Black Flag, and Converge. Kadwit cites dedication and persistence as being crucial to getting such big names to participate in a new publication, as well as connections made through his time at Barsuk Records. “The unsung story of doing something like this is that you’re going to fail quite a bit and you really just can’t get discouraged, just take it in stride and try not to take it personally,” he said.
Kadwit and contributors have created a unique work with personal, artist-focused information on music and the state of the industry that surrounds it, presented in a way that even the layman can enjoy and appreciate. They have five web-interviews coming up, and Kadwit is currently working on putting together the next issue to coincide with Yellingham.
When asked about future issues, Kadwit said diversifying the artist offering is important and pairing smaller more unknown artists with bigger names is a goal he hopes to achieve.
Signed Magazine can be found at Everyday Music, the Alternative Library and Unknown Board Shop. For more information, visit or follow the Facebook page.