Spaceboy33: Exploring inner space

The musician known as Spaceboy33 is the alter-ego of Bellingham resident Kellan Green. According to Green (via his Blogspot page) he has three distinct personalities: Kellan, Mr. Green and Spaceboy33, which represent the good, bad and creative aspects of his personality, respectively. Spaceboy33 is Green’s passion, or rather reflects and expresses his passion: Electronic Dance Music (EDM).
Green’s interest in electronic music stemmed from his relationship with Daniel Anderson (best known as one-half of one of Idiot Pilot), who served as Green’s musical mentor. Anderson taught him theory, technique, and the technical aspects of using electronic instruments ranging from synthesizers to mixers and other things.
“I got my roots plating rock-oriented music, but then got really interested in electronic and industrial music,” Green said. “It appealed to me because it was more orchestral in nature and it was a music form in which I could compose and do everything myself.”
It was the freedom inherent in self-producing musical compositions that really got Green into pursuing electronic music as his focal point, and the DIY aspect played a large role in that decision. “I quickly found that I could express  specific emotions, what I was feeling at that moment, through electronic music. I can play bass and guitar and other instruments, but with those I always found it very difficult to express my emotions in an immediate way. Electronic music gave me that outlet.”
On his Facebook page, Green describes his Spaceboy33 project as sounding “kinda like all that other awesome House and EDM out there.” On first listen to his recordings, this description very much rings true. It does sound very familiar, like the other dance music you may have heard at clubs and at festivals. But, there is something else there: the journey of a person trying to find their own distinct sound in a genre that can be inundated with the inane and repetitive.
“For me, genres like Dub Step and House are used to describe specific types of music, but really it all falls under the category of uptempo, bass-heavy music,” Green said. “There is nothing wrong with that, I love that music, and I do replicate it. For me, when I record, I approach each song trying to find one sound that can cross all my songs, and all the genres that those songs go through.”
Indeed, Spaceboy33’s music does seem scatter-brained upon first listen. His songs go from industrial-bent, to Dub Step, to House, to Drum n’ Bass, and pretty much every other EDM genre out there.
“I think people are less interested in an individual genre and are more interested in just enjoying what they hear, with no thought to what genre it belongs to,” Green said. “It comes down to what moves you, that’s what I’m interested in doing.”
Green said Spaceboy33’s music represents the weirdest aspects of his personality, which are also the most intuitive and creative parts.
“Spaceboy is the expression of what I feel on the inside,” Green said. “It is a cathartic process for me to create this type of music. There is a stereotype when it comes to electronic music that these people that do it are not real musicians, and I don’t agree with that at all. It takes a lot of talent to compose this form of music. It’s not just pushing buttons. There is a combination of technical knowledge and music theory that must be applied in order to make music that people enjoy, music that make people feel something, and that is what I am trying to do.”
Check out Spaceboy’s new release, And Now For Something Completely New, available on his bandcamp page.