Album Review: Dad Jazz

Dad Jazz
Exitpoint Stallion
Self Released

First things first. Dad Jazz are pros when it comes to naming things. They should really consider opening a titling consulting agency and have people who struggle with the task of naming things pay them. Dad Jazz, the name, is an impeccable choice. Since “dad rock” is so in-chic right now, perhaps they are anticipating the inevitable infiltration of bland and emotionless jazz into the mainstream, which will surely happen within the decade (or not). Whatever the case, Dad Jazz stands firmly against the bland and emotionless. That much is certain.
Exitpoint’s opening cut “Fuck” (also impeccably titled) is a double kick driven anthem against, well, dad jazz. It begins with a sample, source unknown to this reviewer, of a dude forecasting the seemingly unavoidable de-angering of once fiery youths as they age. “By the time they hit 30 years old they don’t want to be angry anymore. You can’t be angry all of your life.”
Perhaps you can’t be angry all of your life, but you can still wig out every once in a while. Exitpoint, though 12 tracks long, clocks in at a blazing 12 minutes. Most of the 12 songs are under a minute in length, but as with most good crust punk, Dad Jazz makes the most of it. Additionally, both Danny DeVito and President Obama make guest appearances. Though the lyrics are mostly indistinguishable, it is evident that the group is a socially aware bunch. The three blatant topical songs are “Monsantferato,” “Alien vs. Predator Drone,” and “Wage Slave.” I’m not sure what their specific views on GMOs, drone warfare, or wealth inequality is, but it’s obvious that they’re pissed.
Exitpoint’s operative is to rid the world of apathy. One would be hard pressed to find a listener that would meet the album with indifference. Mission accomplished. Dad Jazz make a lot of noise, and one can never have enough noise.
-Nick Thacker