Album Review: Dinofour and Brix

Dinofour and Brix
A Blink of an Eye
Self Released

I had the distinct please of reviewing the EP A Blink of and Eye from from Dinofour and Brix. It is both smooth and powerful with some very tight word play and excellent vocal delivery that is reminiscent of a lost art of emceeing.
The first track “Social Transition” is a great introduction that breaks down to an old school OutKast style delivery complete with wheels of steel DJ scratches. The second song entitled “Damn” is a nice beat and some very tight lyrics. The production is mellow and is juxtapose to the syncopated vocals which bring a nice hypnotic delivery over these very relaxed chords. The upright bass sample has some serious bass and the singing on the hook on this song is lovely.
The third track is “Decades of Synergy” which is produced by Beatmaster Joda and reminds me of old school Lauren Hill. The final track on this four song EP is “Sailin” and again this beat is very smooth with some Roland Electric Piano samples over and nice boom bap beat produced by Wizdumb. I felt like the year was 1996 and I was skateboarding with a backpack on while listening to some Pharcyde. This EP has incredible style and is very well produced. You should look forward to more from Dinofour and Brix.
-Mike Roe