Album Review: Fictions

Sleep Right b/w Blank City
Self Released

The new split digital single by Fictions is fantastic little pop gem and another example of why this town is awesome – there’s always a new band coming along making great music.
The trio, who began playing in later summer of 2013, have a good indie guitar pop sound with an early Ben Gibbard-esque vocal delivery by Nick Thacker (and that’s a good thing). While the poppy guitar hooks on “Sleep Right” and “Blank City” are what initially will catch the listener, the driving rhythm section of Eric Wallace and Katie Weiss are a great balance to the vocals and guitar.
For a first recording by the band (a band that’s only been together for four months!), this is a great effort and hopefully just a glimpse of more engaging music to come. If they continue to play and progress, Fictions could be a real force in town in a very short time.
-Brent Cole