Album Review: Mr. Feelgood and The Firm Believers

Mr. Feelgood and The Firm Believers
Self titled
Self Released

Mr. Feelgood and the Firm Believers released their first album packed with feel-good jams and music that gives people good reason to believe.  This is consciousness music.  The sounds that makes your pineal gland light up like a magical crystal with an infinite amount of positive energy. Oneness with nature and supreme lovingkindness among all life is the goal, but what the music actually connects to is a much simpler message.  It’s all about love, baby.  Sweet, genuine, whole-hearted love. Mr. Feelgood endorses working hard, practicing what you preach, and having a kind-heart. Along with these firmly held beliefs shakin’ your rump thang and big smiles are also highly encouraged.
If you’re soul-searching, or feeling as if there’s no good left in the world, Mr. Feelgood and the Firm Believers can be a breath of fresh air. The music is built around the classic acoustic guitar sound but also features an excellent cello accompaniment which distinguishes the Feelgood sound from others of a similar genre. The conviction in Mr. Feelgood’s voice can be inspiring, making you want to believe.  If the voice alone isn’t enough, the track “Love for Hate” features Mr. Feelgood just shreddin’ up an epic guitar solo in a heroic battle against the forces of hatred. In tracks like “Take Us Home” you’ll hear some pleasant finger pickin’ and the folk sound with a sense of spirit taking us back to from whence we came.
The cut on this album has gotta be “Practice What you Preach.”  This song is the premier illustration of what Mr. Feelgood and the Firm Believers are all about.  Unleashin’ truth through the power of music, a positive message of enlightenment given in the form of sweet melodic compositions.  Mr. Feelgood isn’t the only man droppin’ truth bombs on this album though, as local rapper Heist throws down on “Life is But a Dream,” with lyrics delving through the introspection of the troubles of life. After listening you may come to a new perspective, a greater appreciation for life, or a realization that life is but your dream.
This music is all about the message, and the message is one that needs to be heard in our time. Mr. Feelgood and The Firm Believers have got the talent and the tunes to spread the message, and more power to em’. Allow their message to be received, listen to the album, and who knows, you may find yourself as a Firm Believer in the Mr. Feelgood’s sweet, lovin’ message.
–Mark Broyles