Eagle Teeth: Taking Silliness Seriously

Eagle Teeth is a three-piece dance rock band primarily known (by some) for their live shows that involve thrusting hips and zebra spandex from time to time. They have kind of gained a reputation as a party band, or at least a band full of dudes that don’t mind to party every now and then.
“It’s strange to even think of us having a reputation,” said drummer Maximo Mendizabal. “Since we don’t even have that much of a following. But, we do play poppy dance music, which is kind of a novelty.”
Whether the band is a novelty act or not, a listen to their newest release Falcon Fangs EP is undeniably catchy and fun – which is as good a reason to be in a band as any. The music is equal parts disco, 80s synth pop and maybe even some butt rock thrown in for good measure. The band consists of Mendizabal on drums, Alan Crow on bass and David Dees on guitar, synthesizer and vocals.
“I’m not sure we are really that much of a novelty band, it’s not like we are playing Irish folk punk music or anything,” Crow said. “”Our music is not super serious, we don’t overthink it, but we do try to play well and we do take pride in our music and care about it still. So, I don’t know if that is considered a novelty or not.”
Other than the on-stage antics (which is mostly Crow’s doing) the band is also known for their tongue-in-cheek humor and song subjects that typically revolve around getting laid, trying to get laid or failing miserably at it. “We will never write a love song,” Dees, the main songwriter for the band, chimed in.
“Most of the songs I write are based on people I know and experiences I’ve either had or have heard about from others,” Dees said. “We strive for simplicity in our music, which comes off as silly sometimes, but as long as people enjoy listening to it and we enjoy playing it, we don’t really care.”
Goofy is another adjective that gets thrown around when people see them for the first time, the band said. The band played a show a while back in Bellingham where Crow was dancing around the stage trying to be sexy, as was the rest of the band. The crowd was into it, everyone was having fun, but when they were done playing, a girl came up to Dees and said he was “adorable.”
“That stung a little bit,” Dees said. “It’s like, most bands, they play a show and maybe a girl will come up afterwards and flirt and stuff, but, that is not how it works for us. She called me “adorable” because we are just too goofy of a band to be considered sexy or hot or whatever. Adorable is about as good as we can get.”
Yet, being goofy seems to be in demand these days, as Eagle Teeth play fairly often at pretty much every venue in Bellingham.
“We just go on stage and do our thing,” Mendizabal said. “It might sound cliche, but we just enjoy having fun and challenging ourselves musically. We aren’t trying to become the most famous band in the world or anything, and we don’t care about being in a scene. We aren’t going to start playing folk music and pretending like we are from the Dust Bowl or whatever. We are perfectly happy writing songs about sex, and not getting any.”