Live Review: meat puppets, the world takes

Nov. 22
Wild Buffalo

Meat Puppets.  Just… visualize that for a second… Now, imagine what seeing The Meat Puppets, in the flesh, would be like.  This iconic band of Meat Puppets have been touring the world since 1986  – before I was even born these guys we’re rockin’ out jams giving endless energy to the spirit of rock and roll.  After almost three decades of creating a simply-amazing, purely original sound, Curt Kirkwood and Co. returned to Bellingham to showcase their talent at the Wild Buffalo.
The night began with The World Takes, a three-piece who put out a monstrous sound with flawless musicianship – the perfect opener for such a legendary band. As the Wild Buffalo filled up with old Meat Puppets’ fans, the music in the air was invigorating with the classic rock and roll sound that The World Takes unleashe.  Everyone was having a good time, including the guys on stage – the drummer found a way to expand his drum kit by swiveling his throne 180 degrees and started jamming on the staircase railing. Huge smiles popped up everywhere in the room, and the rhythm continued as he stood up and let loose on the rails.  The bassist and guitar joined in, masterfully conjuring up a surf-rock typhoon of sweet love. Once they it was ready, the three rejoin together, slamming the venue with the spirit of rock and roll that never dies.  Then, on then final ballad, the guitarist starts rippin’ it with his teeth – The World Takes were radical, and upon finishing their set the crowd was filled with excitement.
Now the moment everyone had been waiting for, the Meat Puppets arose to take up their instruments, and proceed to do what they have been doing for the past three decades – showing the world what The Meat Puppets are all about. This is American music. There isn’t quite a sound like it, every song seems as if can be captured in multiple genres, from folk, rock, country, alternative, grunge, punk, psychedelic, surf, and so on. Regardless of what one would classify their sound, the Meat Puppets kicked ass.  Without a doubt, Curt Kirkwood is one of the best guitarists around. He effortlessly shreds off countless jams, each including what seems like a million different notes, and they’re all awesome and pleasing to the ears. He did it all, finger tappin’, note bendin’, straight shreddin’, finger pluckin’, whistlin’, all in all creating sounds that never imagined possible and blowing my mind in the process.  The mosh pit was fired up, and every set of eyes was on the stage as The Meat Puppets tore the house down with brilliant musicianship and a flawless performance.
–Mark Broyles