Live Review: odesza, manatee commune, max taylor

Dec. 12
Wild Buffalo

Not much more than a year and a half after playing their first ever show at the Wild Buffalo, Odesza made a proud return to Bellingham, having become a huge success in such a short amount of time – even touring with Pretty Lights. They were greeted with a warm welcome from a fervent crowd that filled the Wild Buffalo to capacity. In a way this show was a celebration not only of Odesza, their success, and their talent, but also a celebration of Bellingham as an epicenter for the growing indie-electronic movement.
Starting out the show was local DJ Max Taylor, who blended unique sounds into danceable, listenable, pieces that were refreshingly different from the mass of DJs we seem to be bombarded with these days.
Following Max Taylor was Manatee Commune, also from Bellingham. At only 20 years old he has more talent and skill than many people will ever have in a lifetime. This show was probably the best I had ever seen Manatee Commune as he is consistently pushing himself as a musician and making subtle changes to his songs. Unlike other chillwave artists who only use computers and synthesizers Manatee Commune also incorporates guitar and violin. The crowd was clearly blown away when he pulled out the violin.
Part of what made this such a great and lively show is that Odesza seemed just as excited to be here as the audience. The crowd was ecstatic and even though there was no room, people still found a way to dance to the ambient electronic bliss.  Odesza played what was probably most of their catalog, and even a couple of previously unreleased, never-before performed songs during the encore, but the show still felt like it ended far too soon.  Odesza, with their innovative combinations and smooth transitions, has the ability to put listeners in a trance-like state, get carried away in a melody, lose track of time, and leave wanting more.
-Caitlyn Glinski