Album Review: Fictions

Live at the Business
Self Released

The latest release from Bellingham’s new self-described ‘angst pop’  band, Fictions, comes to us in the form of a full length live album. Recorded during their November show at Anacortes’ widely known music store, The Business, Fictions proved that they are a powerful live act, capable of igniting any venue they step foot in with their pop punk inspired guitar and driving rhythm section.
They begin the set with the title track from their latest studio work, “Sleep Right,” a relatively subdued track in their arsenal.  It’s followed by the accompanying track from their two-song November release, “Blank City,” which creates the tone for the rest of the show with a breakneck punk foundation set by the drums and bass to accompany the howling guitar. Another gem of the show is the previously unreleased track “Broken Water,” one of those chugging punk trains that forces you to hold on for dear life as it races to top speed just before gently setting you back on solid ground as it trails into the distance, leaving only the vocals behind.
Listening to the album you can place yourself in the cozy record store set in the heart of Anacortes’ downtown, feeling the brute force of this post-punk revival three piece band with the power to start your head nodding. The album is available for download, free or donation, through the group’s bandcamp page. Lend your support to this local act on the rise and give them a listen.
-Ian Fitch