Album Review: Fire Organ

The Hick’s Lake EP
Self Released

Throwback rock’n’roll trio the Fire Organ serve up another small helping of their early Replacements-esq charmingly sloppy, blues-rock influenced, power-pop with the November release of their self-released The Hick’s Lake EP. The ep starts out with the rocker “So Glad,” complete with crashing drums, a playful blues riff and a bad ass harmonica solo. Next up is the crunchy urgency of “Folly,” a more straightforward driving rock song, followed by the darker, southern rock tinged “Come to Me.” The highlight of the ep is definitely the title track and closer “Hick’s Lake,” with its Rolling Stones riffs and swagger, and a strange lyrical narrative about a junky on trial trying to justify why he killed a man and threw the body in a lake (I think).
Musically the Fire Organ are in a good place on this release; catchy blues riffs with a raw and endearingly sloppy delivery. Granted, the band isn’t breaking any new ground with the release, but, as any fan of rock/punk/alternative/whatever music will tell you, it’s not necessarily the uniqueness of the song but rather the execution and passion of the performance. Really the only things that take away from the ep as a whole is the lack of bass and the mediocre, sometimes cringe-worthy vocals, which can seem forced and whiny.
Regardless, the Hick’s Lake EP exhibits the youthful exuberance of the Replacements and the retro groove of Guided by Voices. The potential is there, so let’s hope this band takes after their influences and have an even better live performance than their recorded work.
–Sarah Bryant