Album Review: MC Gan

MC Gan
Mcganarchy Double Disc

Mc Gan, starts the double disc album with a collect call from “Whatcom County Correctional Facility.” This is what I would call one of the most “interesting” hip hop albums I have heard in recent time.
Anarchy is a big theme on this album, from within the walls of prison there is a theme of falling and getting back up and also about the police here in the Northwest. There are several reference to drinking and drug use. Track 4 is more focused on the ideas being their McGanarchy agenda. Track 5 gives us some much needed I’m living I’m laughing, I’m suck on my?” What wait MC Gan?? “Build the future, lose the past.” This guy is all over the map! So glad it’s a double disk. There are some very demonic and dark parts to this album but I feel like it is coming from a place of redemption. Disc Two starts off with the breaking down of some numbers and a story that seems to be more about love lost and found again. “I flew over the cockoos nest, I still have to say my batch is the best.”
Disc Two Track 2 has an MC that steps in and lifts the album to a whole new level. His metaphors and drive cut right through the mix. This continues on Track 3 with a rapid fire flow from a very talented rapper talking about his time in life behind bars. There are several interludes from in jail that give some insight to the lives of the rappers on his CD. All in all a very interesting collection of songs and skits showing the Northwest side of life, jail, drugs and rap.
-Mike Roe