Album Review: Melodysheep

Remixes for the Soul Volume, II
Self Released

Upon listening to Melodysheep’s Remixes for The Soul Volume II, one wonders exactly what is going on in the soul of John D. Boswell. The remixes for the soul are described as “Unique Musical Remixes”, and they are exactly that.
The album is strewn with interesting and well put together quotes, samples, sounds,atmospherics, and electronic elements. The tracks are frequently hilarious, odd, geeky, and intelligent, all at once. One will definitely want to listen over a few times to catch all of the odd bits of speech interlaced in the sea of electronic soundscape. The remixes are not exactly “songs,” but they are satisfying musical journeys. Also, they are magically delicious! Well, that’s actually what stands out in the album.
“Magically Delicious” catches the listener with a hilarious catchy electronic track. The listener is then hit with “The Big Electron”, a delightful Bill Hicks rant laden track, philosophical, and deep as the man himself. The world is like a ride, make the choice between fear and love. Don’t be afraid. These are wise words, juxtaposed nicely with calm beats and melodies. “Feel the Force” entertains the listener with Star Wars quips, and will surely appeal to any fan of the series.
The remixes for the soul are sure to please any listener that has a working knowledge of the internet and pop culture, the references and quotes work with the music to form a cohesive, tight sound.
-Kellan Green