Album Review: Thieves of Eden

Harvesting from the Poison Trees
Self Released

This short and ripping collection of three songs by Thieves of Eden is my introduction to the band. From the moment I pressed play, I was drawn in. I was taken back several years to my high school days; when I could think of nothing better than a brutal mosh pit, thundering drums, and guitar riffs that chug along like a freight train. These songs are strong, steady, and intense enough to incite a riot on the dance floor.
My favorite part is the beginning. The first song is introduced with a spoken word sample. As seconds progress, guitars are bounced back from the left to right sides of my headphones. The spoken word sample is perfect.  It sets a mood. It clenches your fist and the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.
The drums on the recording are just fun to listen to. Being so precise, they are a true driving force settled at the foundation of the band. War drums come to mind when I hear these songs. This drummer hits hard, and keeps perfect time.  The rest of the band plays with confidence as a result.
I’m also impressed with the way the album holds attention. I like to think that these three songs capitalize on the brute strength of their composition. Rather than throwing in super complex riffs and time changes, they keep it simple. They keep it heavy. This time brawn triumphs over brains, or does it? I have every confidence these guys know exactly what they’re doing.
– Andrew Beer