Live Review: sir mix a lot, ayron jones and the way

sir mix a lot, ayron jones and the way
jan. 18 • wild buffalo

I attended the second of two sold out shows at the Wild Buffalo featuring, Sir Mix A Lot. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect, as this is not typically the type of show I attend, so I was out of my normal element. But, I have to say that I was pleasantry surprised by the music and the overall feel of the evening.
Ayron Jones and the wave opened up the show – they are a three-piece rock/blues band from Seattle, whose album was produced by Sir Mix A Lot. The trio exploded on stage from the very first song, playing high energy feel good rock’n’roll with just a touch of blues. Drummer, Kai Van De Pitte was really impressive – he pulled off an excellent two or three minute solo (which just isn’t done anymore). Altogether the whole band was tight, and the crowd went wild when they covered Jimi Hendrix.
Between bands, as we were having a smoke in the alley next to the Buffalo, Sir Mix A lot and entourage walked by. The party I was with all said hello – we were a little start struck – but he was very pleasant as he walked thanking each and every one of us for attending.
When Mix got up on stage, he was joined by two hype men that got the crowd moving and shaking. The D.J. was on point but at times I felt his volume was a little low, apparently so did mix as he asked the D.J. to turn up several times.  The whole set was very energetic, there was a lot of movement on stage and the crowd was going wild. Not being too familiar with Mix’s work, I was really surprised at how many songs I recognized. He played his hits like; My Hoopti, My Posse’s on Broadway, and of course closed out the night with Baby Got Back.
The audience was crazy and at time could have been mistaken for a punk show audience, as a lot of us toward the front were being pushed against the stage. I was apprehensive about going (I was sure I would feel uncomfortable and out of my element), but it was great though, and I would have no problem going to see Sir Mix A Lot the next time he visits Bellingham. I had a great time, so did the folks I was with, and from the looks of it, so did 4 or 500 other people!
–Robby Cleary