Valentine’s Day: Loving local desserts

by What’s Up!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it was time to sample some of the chocolate and treats Bellingham offers. Thanks to Victor Gotelaere, we had plenty of samples to eat from macaroons to crepes and everything in between. Following are just some of the local treats out there.
The Loft features a chocolate brownie with peanut butter gelato and chocolate chips. Served warm, the brownie is deliciously chewy on the inside. All at the same time it’s a combination of moist, light, and magnificently rich (but not in an overwhelming way). The side of gelato is a great touch and balances out the brownie.
Gypsies and Gingersnaps’ almond truffle macaroons dipped in Belgian chocolate is a favorite. If you’re a fan of macaroons (and thereby coconut), you’ll love it. The double decker treat was chewy and rich, and the coconut was moist. It was also a nice size – just a small treat to warm your heart.
The Fountain’s gluten free coffee torte with raspberry sauce is good. Oh lordy is this one good. Rich, but not heavy, and really smooth. The torte literally melts in your mouth. It can stand on its own, but when you add the raspberry sauce (which was also delicious on its own), it’s pretty much heaven.
AB Crepes offers a caramel infused batter with cooked banana, fresh sliced strawberries, lathered in Nutella and topped with candied walnuts. Unlike other bite-size treats, AB Crepes serves up a full meal of goodness – and it was just that, a meal. Delicious, chocolatey and really filling. Have ‘em throw on some whip cream just for good measure.
Cupcakes Like It Sweet has a wonderful cookie dough cupcake. If you’re a fan of cupcakes, try this chocolate cupcake with a chunk of cookie dough IN THE CENTER! It was not overly chocolate, and was very smooth with brown sugar frosting that is delicious.
We love Papa’s Sweets, a great little shop in Fairhaven that is sugar heaven. Their dark chocolate coffee bark is a favorite, offering a tiny bit of crunch from the coffee bean which is nicely balanced with the chocolate.
Mount Bakery’s Framboise Heart is a flourless decedent raspberry torte. Give us another one. Please. Covered in Belgium chocolate ganache, it looks adorable, and tastes even better. It has the cakey part to it, but the chocolate icing is key. The whole dessert is moist and melts in your mouth.
Charmed Chocolates makes various truffles, including a Dynasty Red Zinfandel and a Sea Salted Golden Whiskey one. Wowza. You can really taste the sea salt and the whiskey. Initially the sea salt hits you, then the whiskey – it’s a unique and amazing little treat. A wonderful gift idea for that special someone.
Pure Bliss’s red velvet cake is a little slice of heaven! Moist white cream cheese with a red velvet mix inside and white cream cheese frosting and a chocolate drizzle. OH. MY. Seriously.
Evolve Truffles offers a variety of beautiful truffles, with a focus on using local ingredients. Their newest truffles include the Chia Chia Bang Bang truffle, working with local company Chia Girl, implementing her strawberry chia spread with sparkling wine and chocolate, and topped with toasted chia and strawberry dust. Their Blackbird truffle is made with Dakota Creek Winery merlot, chocolate and local sea salt. There are a lot to choose from, and each is appealing!
Colophon’s chocolate chunk cake is that good ol’ fashioned cake you want to have. Tasty and fudgy, having ice cream on the side would be fantastic.
Blue Skies Raw Pies offers a  chocolate frozen treat. Great to pull out of your freezer any time, this treat has a nice feel and probably damn delicious on a hot summer day. The pie has chia seeds as well that give it a nice crunch. All the ingredients are raw, and this is definitely a different take, and one to be explored.
Raw Cha Cha’s Brazil Nut Bliss Joy is a nice gift. Made with all raw ingredients, you can really taste the nut and it’s not overly sweet. Picture honey with ground up brazillian nuts and vanilla, this is a creamy little treat. Another great gift for your partner.
Chocolate Necessities is a mainstay in Bellingham and has a variety of truffles, barks, chips and more. The chocolate balsamic caramel is a favorite, with its smooth and creamy center. It was unique and memorable in the best way, just delicious.
These are just some samples. There are plenty more local eateries making delicious desserts. The Candyman at Sweet Art, Skylark’s, Katie’s Cupcakes, Icing on the Cake, Streat Food, The Table, and others will be a treat to be had come Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!