Album Review: Christmas Frogs

Christmas Frogs
Christmas Frogs
Self Released •

The debut of the Christmas Frogs with their self-titled album makes a statement that is loud and clear. This group of four from Lummi Island is dedicated to reviving the sound of the late 80s alternative rock scene, and they do it as well as anyone. Lost fans reminiscent for the feel of Seattle’s own grunge movement need only to listen through this nine-track release to be swept back to the glory days of Sub Pop and Soundgarden.
The Christmas Frogs hone in on the genre for the length of the album and never set their sights away from capturing their mellow-paced authentically raw sound with its buzzing melodic guitars and haunting vocals. In certain moments, such as the opening track “Authorship,” you can feel the influence of punk guitar riffs that could have been plucked from an early Sonic Youth album. However, it doesn’t take long to realize that the group maintains a sound that is true to the legacy of the Pacific Northwest’s continuing influence on alt rock.
In the near future we may discover that this album is actually a recently discovered relic long lost after being recorded in a SeaTac suburb garage over the summer of 1988, but until we hear otherwise we’ll eagerly await what comes next for this emerging throwback group with great potential. The album is available to stream or download at
-Ian Finch