Album Review: David McAdams

David McAdams
Down This Narrow Passage
Self Released

With his latest release, Down This Narrow Passage, singer/songwriter David McAdams has pieced together an album that is sure to sound sweet to the ears of any folk music lover. From the heights of the upbeat feel good tunes such as the opening title track, to the heartbreaking depths of his blues-inspired “My Last Song,” McAdams writes and sings with the experience of a man who has firmly grasped his voice as an artist and storyteller.
This resident of Lummi Island, who recorded the full-length album at Bellingham’s Sharp Nine Recording Studio, has a calm and confident voice perfectly suited to his genre. His heartfelt lyrics, accompanied by tasteful instrumentals (which range from acoustic folk to shuffling soft rock) paint a picture of an artist who is still actively dissecting the world around him. Drawing inspiration from tales of affection in “Catch a Rainbow,” and following it with the gritty track “Escape the Human Race,” McAdams muses on subjects large and small.
Whether you’re a fan of Dylanesque American folk classics, or the thumping electric blues of Tom Waits, you’ll undoubtedly find something you love about this wide-ranging release from McAdams. To find out more about the man behind the music, or to order any of McAdams’ three albums, visit
–Ian Finch