Album Review: Deadly D

Deadly D
Psychology Volume 1
Self Released

At first glance, the track list from Deadly D’s newest album, Psychology Volume 1, looks like a shopping list for the world’s most doped out rave. With titles such as “MDMA, Meth and LSD,” one could make the mistake to think that this album is just a bunch of songs to bump loudly while getting super duper high. Yet, nothing could be further from the truth.
Upon closer inspection, none of the songs really mention drugs at all. The mood of each song is determined by the drug name, and the second title to each track (e.g. “Cocaine – Artificial Bliss”) gives a bit more insight into the “psychology” behind the song. A clever idea, but how could Deadly D’s rappers Stevey B and Pancake pull off this concept without it feeling like a gimmick? By dropping some serious lyrical skills over electronica style beats… that’s how!
A great example of the album’s depth is the beautifully haunting track, “Devil’s Breath – Third World War,” in which Deadly D explores the idea of first world problems juxtaposed to the real problems faced by the developing world. Take for example lyrics from Stevey B: “I had a screaming headache; he heard a screaming village. I couldn’t find my keys; he couldn’t find his parents.” There are also songs with more of a party theme. “The Jefferey” (a reference to the super drug in the movie “Get Him To The Greek”) informs the listener that there is “No time for stress, smoke the Jefferey and stroke the furry WALL!”
The production of the album is very unique and a nice departure from the usual hip-hop beats found in most of today’s rap albums. You can find Psychology Volume 1 on and you can see Deadly D live at The Shakedown on March 22 for the Ether XOXO CD release party.
–Mike Roe