Album Review: Josh Clauson

Josh Clauson
Josh Clauson
Self Released

Josh Clauson has been a major force in the western Washington music scene for quite some time as one of the organizers of Summer Meltdown, playing as a solo act and performing with his band. His self-titled solo release is an exquisite example of his uncanny ability to craft songs that reach out, tug on your very being and take you on an unforgettable journey through the rustic soul of western Washington.
This album is perfectly suited for long drives or spending the evening watching the ever-changing weather of Washington from your front porch or window. Josh’s songwriting is simple but elicits a large expanse of emotions from the listener. He sings with an understated sense of experience and weariness that gives the album a personal touch that anyone can relate to. This type of gravitas in songwriting is a rarity, but John has it in abundance as shown in “Make Things Good,” which speaks of the long journey towards redemption and one’s own self-fulfillment.
It would be easy to spend all of one’s time getting lost in John’s vocals and lyrics but this album showcases so much more than that. The instrumentation on “Wild Eyes,” “I Fold,” and “All In Charge” are arrangements so tight that they are almost forgotten. They are that good.
If you value good acoustic guitar work this album is for you. Josh Clauson is a musician and songwriter that the Northwest should be truly proud of, and this solo effort shows why.
-Garrett Hendricks