Album Review: Never!!

Self Released

Not much can be found on the band Never!! I did some searching, only to find a few live videos and a Reverb Nation web page, nothing more. In a way, I am glad that I have little reference to who these guys are. The music is allowed to speak for itself, for better or for worse.
I’d think of this band as more old fashioned than anything. They are, or at least they sound like, a blue collar rock band to the core. They sound hard working, and dedicated to making music they love. They look and sound like they’ve been making music for years, and have finally honed in exactly what they need to make the sounds they want with these four songs.
Guitars are the vanguard of their sonic onslaught. The tone is covered in dirt, yet sharp and angry. The rhythm section is strong and precise. This band keeps perfect time, live and on its recordings.  Their vocalist is a talented and well-ranged addition to the mix; completing the balance between the dark and heavy lows and the uplifting and often ethereal sounding highs.
While I am impressed with their dedication to the craft and the quality that they express with their technique and engineering, I am left wanting. I find the lack of variety a little disturbing. Each song is too similar to the last. The band can clearly play, so I’d like to see them grow out of their comfort zone a little.
–Andy Beer