Album Review: #Raccune

Self Released

As a producer/rapper/DJ/internet guru, Tony Zapien wears many hats in the music game. His debut album, Avertia, from his newest effort, #Raccune, blends Tony’s technical skills with his passion for hard hitting electronic music. The result is a wobbled out dubstep EP that will punish your woofers and scare the shit out of your parents.
New dubstep artists seem to be popping up left and right in today’s over saturated music market, and while most artists struggle to stand out in the crowd, #Raccune rises above the noise with his blend of smooth melodic harmonies, chopped vocals and giant wubba basses. While you will find all the necessary elements in #Raccune to satisfy even the most hardcore dubstep heads, Tony is still able to put his own twist on Avertia with stand out tracks like “Slide Daddy,” featuring washing pads, a dynamic lead line, great samples (GO!!!), and more deep end than an Olympic swimming pool. #Raccune is a great example of how mixing crystal clear, soft, and beautiful synths with distorted, gritty, and over-the-top basslines, brings the listener into a world of dynamic range that few other genres of music can touch.
If you’re a fan of dubstep, I have no doubt that you will love the #Raccune album Avertia, and even if you’re not a fan of dubstep, you should still give this album a listen to see the talent that local artists are bringing to the table. You can find #Raccune online on one of Tony’s many websites such as Soundcloud, and stay tuned for more remixes by following him on Facebook and Twitter…#Raccune.
–Mike Roe