Album Review: Simple Minded Symphony

Simple Minded Symphony
Who’s Gonna Be There?
Self Released

Who’s Gonna Be There? is a sweet ska album put out by Simple Minded Symphony, an 8-piece group from Oak Harbor High School. These young musicians are most definitely talented, the sound is flawless and the tracks are enlivening. Lead vocalist Kevin Silveira kills it with the cool 90s ska-punk rock voice that’ll bring back memories of the good old days—like signing yearbooks, eating orange sherbert and vanilla ice cream cups with a wooden “spoon,” and watching the clock tick down on the last day of school before summer vacation. The upbeat and complete sound delivered by the brass section energizes each track, complemented by solid guitar and percussion showcased best in their epic instrumental “JAM.”
Who’s Gonna Be There? is a collection of 10 rockin’, fun, revitalizing ska tracks worth checking out, especially if life’s been just too complicated lately. Take some time to let loose and have some fun with Simple Minded Symphony. The lyrics are lighthearted and playful with a youthful innocence, but will still get the party started and light up smiles. Songs about hitting on girls, drunk people, swearin’ like a sailor, not having a car, wondering what mom and dad would say, and how life just ain’t fair.  Tracks like ‘I’m Attracted to my Reporter’ and ‘Sanity’ deliver some real insight into the Simple Minded world. Where all is good, even when things are bad, and there’s nothing so important that’s worth taking too seriously.
The wisdom of their youth is captured best in the final track, ‘Overcast’, as Silveira sings ‘there’s nothing wrong, it’s all a lie’, he illuminates the illusion that is easily adopted as truth.  Every struggle we put ourselves through, every sacrifice we make, is a choice we make.
The Simple Minded Symphony reminds us not only that life is what you make it, but more importantly who you make it with, and before we continue onwards to the end of our journey we should all take a moment to ask ourselves; Who’s Gonna Be There?
–Mark Broyles