Album Review: YCGF

Div De Lo$ Myerto$
Self Released

From the ultra violent introduction to the album Div De Lo$ Myerto$, YGCF is out to kill someone on a track. The first song on this album has an 808 drum fueled beat with deep bells and dirty south style hats and claps. YGCF has a very dark delivery style that creeps along on the track like an assassin ready to take his victim. The lyrical content on the album seems to be violence, guns, drugs, girls, demons and money, but he has the ability to make it seem like he’s just rapping about everyday things. YGCF slides in and out of Spanish on a couple of tracks which adds a nice element to the vocals.
It’s a well-polished album in terms of production and each track has a nice flow in sound quality. There are some very interesting samples on the tracks that lend themselves nicely to the themes within the album. This is not for the faint of heart or mind and deals with some realities in the grimy underworld of crime and rap.
Div De Lo$ Myerto$ is some hardcore rap at its finest – grimy and unforgiving. The word play is on point, the production is dope, and there is a good mix of tempos to keep the listener moving to the beat. Not for backpack rappers, this album is hard!
-Mike Roe