Live Review: Br’er Rabbit

feb. 15 • green frog

As a father of three young children, it’s fun to take your kids to shows. So the Green Frog’s Saturday afternoon all-ages shows are perfect for our family – we get to see some good music and the kids get to see some good music. We all enjoy ourselves. And judging by the fantastic attendance, we’re not the only ones who feel this way!
We arrived at the Green Frog about 15 minutes before the show started and a great crowd had already gathered. After we grabbed some food and settled into a good spot, Br’er Rabbit hit the stage. Right from the get go, the place had a great vibe to it and the band took that energy and rolled – it’s like they fed off the mixed energy of excited adults and dancing kids.
Playing as a trio, Br’er Rabbit rolled through their songbook, playing tracks from their forthcoming album (out later this month) as well as various covers such as Leadbelly’s “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?” As the night progressed, the crowd grew in size with little kids running around, dancing, and generally having the time of their lives, while their parents enjoyed some fantastic live music. Br’er Rabbit played their brand of Americana folk stomp and showed why in the last year they’ve become one of the best bands in town. Their fantastic songwriting and passionate live show were the perfect mix for this Saturday afternoon crowd.
Midway through the show, Br’er Rabbit took a quick break, returning and whipping the crowd back into a frenzy. The Green Frog had reached capacity around 6 p.m. Happy, crowded, sweaty, Br’er Rabbit put everything into each remaining song, and things began to wind down. By the time it was all over, we all filtered out of the Green Frog, all smiles, having spent a couple great hours seeing a great band.
–Brent Cole