Live Review: dead hookers, curse of the black tongue, deady bundy and the neat neat neats

feb. 22 • The swillery

Local punk rock promoter Robby Cleary has expanded booking N7E shows from the Cabin Tavern to the Swillery (formerly Tubbs) and this night featured the label’s two psychobilly bands, The Dead Hookers and Curse of the Black Tongue. They were joined by Minneapolis psychobilly band Dead Bundy and the Neat Neat Neats.
The Dead Hookers opened with vocalist/guitarist Ron Raymundo wearing a sexy red top. Jinx Hadley was back on bass after having missed the last show I saw them at (when Ron debuted the Chrisfits, a Christmas tribute to the Misfits). They delivered a ripping set and were in good form tonight. The Dead Hookers have always been one of Bellingham’s most fun punk bands; they dress great and it lends an atmosphere to their music that is lacking in a lot of other bands.
Curse of the Black Tongue was next. I’ve seen these guys several times over the past year and they always impress me. The band blends elements of psychobilly with punk, surf, blues, and sometimes just thrashing rock. They are extremely tight and always deliver a solid and intense set. Tonight was no exception, and despite the low attendance, they played with just as much passion as ever.
Dead Bundy and the Neat Neat Neats closed. A four-piece hailing from Minnesota, they only had three members out on tour. Vocalist/guitarist Matt Sprinkles departs from typical psychobilly vocal styling. He has a nasal quality to his voice that gives it a feel more akin to country/folk. They had a good energy though, excellent hooks. If I’d known the words, I would’ve been singing along.
–Ethan Smith