Live Review: rubix shoes, postmadonna, chunky wonder, minor plains

feb. 21 • The loud house

Yellingham may have gone the way of the dodo, but if Friday, Feb. 21 was any indication, the house show scene is still alive and thriving in Bellingham. The self-bestowed “Loud House” on Ellis put together, in my humble opinion, one of the most diverse yet cohesive bills in recent memory. While it may have been dubbed a “math rock” show, the bands’ offerings were from all spectrums of genres and were unified in one goal, playing rock and doing it well.
Minor Plains hopped on due to a last minute cancellation, and opened the bill with their diverse, genre-bending brand of instrumental prog rock.
Next up on the bill was Chunky Wonder. I feel confident in saying that these guys are on the fast track to making a real name for themselves around here. I was personally blown away by their effortless blend of progressive and funk rock (with a little bit of punk aggressiveness thrown in for good measure). I wouldn’t miss Chunky’s next show or you’ll be kicking yourself wishing you hadn’t. These dudes can definitely put their money where their mouth is.
Third on the line-up were math-rockers Postmadonna, visiting from Seattle. To say that Postmadonna has a unique sound would almost be an understatement. Listening to their set evoked memories of bands such as Tera Melos and This Town Needs Guns, but that really is just the surface as Postmadonna definitely has their own rule book. They have effectively made guitar-freakouts an art and a genre, and it’s a sight that needs to be seen to be fully believed. Keep this band on your radar.
Closing out the night was Rubix Shoes, a band relatively new to the Bellingham rock scene. After racking my brain I think the most apt description of their music would be the sounds your loop pedal would make if it was possessed by the demons of shaking your booty. Rubix Shoes are channeling that feel good math/dance vibe that bands like Battles pack venues with. Like I said before they are still new to the scene but I got a strong wiff of future potential and am looking forward to hearing more from the band.
After all was said and done the aftermath was a show that was packed from 9:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. (a feat that a lot of venues can’t even boast) and a broad showcase of some awesome talent that Bellingham (and Seattle) has waiting in the wings. These bands are some names to keep in mind because they have nowhere to go but up, and chances are you’ll be seeing their names around more often.
–Michael Hike