CD Review: Jesus Chris and Lokeye

Jesus Chris and Lokeye
The Electric Next Mixtape
Self Released

What do you get when you mix a little future funk with a handful of psychadelia and a heaping helping of hip-hop? Bake at 420° F for about 35 minutes and you’ve got a delicious mixtape from local artists Jesus Chris and Lokeye (and crew).
Hard hitting at times, light hearted at others, The Electric Nest Mixtape is an excellent example of the potential of Bellingham’s local hip-hop scene. Starting right with the first track (“Spend Time,” an intro/instrumental), the album employs spaced-out synth and loads of reverb, carrying a heavy psychedelic influence throughout that is not only accessible but incredibly unique. The mixtape features several MCs, all of whom possess lyrical depth and attractive vocal cadence and timbre. Electric Nest boasts a lot of diversity in regards to the atmosphere of the songs. Certain tracks carry a more relaxed, playful vibe, while others tend to be more serious in both lyrical content and melody. Listeners will hear both inspired slow jams and fast-paced showcases of careful and precise lyrical flow. The only moments of weakness here appear when the artists deviate from their usual lyrical depth and rhythmic complexity in favor of more expected, simple rhyme schemes. However, this happens infrequently, and tends to work well in the context of particular songs. In short, The Electric Nest Mixtape is a solid entry by a talented group of MCs, and a worthy venture for any tripped-out hip-hop enthusiast.
-Paddy Moran