CD Review: Misty Flowers

Misty Flowers
Hillbilly Livin’
Self Released

“Livin’ high has its share of ups and downs like two hundred stairs, but love and life is rare, and love is real when shared.” Like lyrics heard in Misty Flowers’ newest album’s title track, Hillbilly Livin’ captures attention by revealing vulnerable moments that range from lighthearted adventure to the universally complicated experience of love. With a mixture of soothing acoustic strumming, occasional jazz and blues brass, and raspy, ethereal vocals resembling Mazzy Star and Norah Jones, Misty Flowers’ third album quickly establishes an intimate mood between songwriter and listener.
Her tracks include elements of the Pacific Northwest, from the rich setting Misty creates in songs like “Mmm Huckleberries” and “Legend of the NW Rain” to referencing well-known places in Bellingham such as the Green Frog, where she regularly hosted Open Mic Night. Her music is organic to the Pacific Northwest lifestyle. Fitting, then, that the closing song in this album, is a lyrical protest against GMOs.
Still, the album’s pace and arrangement is as wavering as the contrasting moods and tones that abruptly switch from sweet, content major scaled tracks to sassy, melancholy yet abrasive, tell-it-like-it-is ballads.  Misty Flowers isn’t afraid to thoroughly describe her emotions, and her raw grit is just as comforting as it is thought provoking. While listening to the lulling album, the listener is drawn to reflect on their own life’s moments of love, loss, and wandering.
–Cait Auer