CD Review: OurDeadFathers

Picture the Moon
Self Released

Through shimmering production, country-tinged harmonies and roomy percussion, Chris Meyer delivers up a healthy dose of summertime bittersweetness on his latest release, Picture the Moon. Joined by his half-brother Seth and former bandmate David Johnston, the former Enders of Ozone and Batfarm musician evokes a strong James Taylor connection with a Springsteen twist.
Tracks like “Medicine” are the most intimate, distilled down to nothing but Meyer’s voice and guitar aided by the occasional reverb drenched bass drum or snare hit to anchor the floating harmonies. Meyer delivers his lyrics with conviction and passion that never comes close to being schlocky. In his work on “Running”, the listener gets a huge helping of harmonized vocal parts decorated with some seriously epic slide guitar. The laid-back approach to production creates a great sense of space and wonder, so each instrument packs its own punch. The sharp violin strikes on “The Damage” modernizes the album, recognizing that we are in a world full of Andrew Birds and other unique singer-songwriters, and Meyers is out here to contend with the best of them.
The stretched out slide guitar in “Used Cars” provides some sunshine. Maybe it’s the season, but Meyers has made an album that’s going to sit on this reviewer’s summer-heavy rotation list. Harkening back to The Boss at his most epic, Meyer’s songwriting is superhuman strong here, and he has the voice to back it up. From the Boonville stomp of “The Leap” to the more sweeping and epic “Midnight Rule”, Meyer’s new project OurDeadFathers is anything but lifeless.
–Charlie Walentiny