CD Review: Scumeating

Moist on the Inside
Self Released

When trying to think of a physical manifestation of the music brought forth on Scum Eating’s new release, Moist on the Inside, the image that comes to mind is a wall of disfigured faces, all screaming insults at you. The best way to describe this music is a literal assault on the senses… but hey, I think they might want it that way. From the piercing screeches of their singers to the grating crunch of the guitar there is never a moment of solace in the album’s 10-song attack. Scum Eating has truly embraced their name as every inch of this release is drenched in mud and filth.
Throughout the duration of this record there were moments where comparisons to spazzy ADHD bands such as The Blood Brothers or early Yeah Yeah Yeahs flowed to the mind, but without a doubt Scum Eating puts a dirty punk psychobilly twinge on things that is undoubtedly a creation of their very own. There are no songs on this record that could be described as pretty or beautiful, but I think Scum Eating might be offended if you did.
The twin vocalists’ back and forth screeching, paired with the general droning heaviness of the instrumentation, sounds like the kind of music that you head bang your greasy punk rocker locks to as you drink R and R whiskey straight from the bottle. With that in mind be warned that Moist on the Inside definitely isn’t a record for everyone, and you should know after the first song if you are among the intended audience.
While you won’t find Moist on the Inside anywhere near the Billboard 100, Scum Eating have undeniably released the beast that they intended to birth. And whether you enjoy this specific genre of music or not, it’s obvious that the members of Scum Eating love what they are doing and they are spreading an important message to the world… have fun, make music, and don’t take yourself too seriously.
-Raleigh Davis