CD Review: Spaceboy33

Fear and Loathing in the City of…
Self Released

The new album from Spaceboy33, Fear and Loathing in the City of Subdued Excitement, is electronic music full of synth tones and syncopated rhythms with obscure samples that any EDM fan will enjoy. There are a few original songs on the 6-song EP and a couple of remixes, showcasing Spaceboy’s ability as both a producer and remix artist.
The album’s opening track, “Enjoy the Show,” is a funky little dub-step track with some hilarious samples mixed in for comedic effect. On “You Bastards!” Spaceboy blends some circus sounding monosynths with building drops and uses a couple Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas samples over the beat as well. The next two tracks are remixes of “Closer” from Tegan and Sara, and “March of the Pigs” by Nine Inch Nails (although both tracks could be confused with NIN songs). The vibe on “Closer” is a lighter style of dub-step so its not too extreme on the wobbles and drops. It has a good laid back feel and is pretty easy on the ears. Juxtaposed is the “March of the Pigs” remix which in the spirit of any NIN tracks is full of distortion, robotic noises and manic rhythms. Spaceboy keeps the vibe of this song fairly similar to the original adding some vocal bass effects and chopping the song a bit to add his own flair to the track.
All in all this EP from Spaceboy33 is enjoyable to the EDM fans who like something a little different. I wouldn’t suspect that you will be hearing these tracks all over the dance floors as they are more suited as background music on TV or video games then an all-night rave. The production quality is solid and Spaceboy33 continues to make unique and original music with his own brand of dub-step and house.
-Mike Roe