CD Review: The Shadytones

The Shadytones
Sold Out!
Stone Cloud

Since their inception, The Shadytones have become known locally for their unique combination of country and psychedelic rock – like Pink Floyd with a leaning towards the endearing tones of Willie Nelson.  They manage to balance the two styles quite well, a feat that shows that shows an impressive musical prowess.  Their most recent release, Sold Out!, is a prime example of how they have created a sound of their own and are having fun doing it.
The first ear-catching full track on the album is “Carry You Away” as it provides a melody reminiscent of an early Tom Petty track with light-hearted lyrics and a memorable hook. The following track, “Magic Mary,” is a medium-paced 1960’s styled ballad with a rich harmony arrangement. “Geography” is the best example on this album of how well they combine the psychedelic rock and country genres. The guitar work certainly suggests some country influences but is by no means is overly twangy. At the same time the song moves at a relaxed pace that definitely fits in with the psychedelic influences of the band.  The album closes strongly with “The Broken Two” (a reference to the short intro track “The Broken One”). “The Broken Two” is a fantastic album closer and the dynamic movement of the song presents an appropriate climax to close out a very well assembled album.
–Garrett Hendricks