CD Review: The Vonvettas

The Vonvettas
Lucy and Jet Black Volume 1&2
Self Released •

The 30-track double disc release by The Vonvettas, Lucy and the Jet Black Volume 1 and 2, has got all the classic songs you’d expect, and a lot more. With the sweet blues rock jammin’, the heavy rockin, the insane guitar solo’s, the acoustic ballads, even some fresh new rap-rock jams – there are tracks on tracks on tracks of solid music on these two discs and it comes to no surprise given The Vonvettas’ track record. The four-piece has been friends and playing music for years – in fact, the title of the album is named after guitarists Sam Chue’s and Thayne Yazzie’s beloved family dogs.
Of all the tracks, there are more than a couple that truly stand out for their greatness. “Oliosis” exemplifies that classic Vonvettas sound, and features an epic breakdown and remarkable guitar playing by Thayne Yazzie. Sam Chue’s soulful voice is heard throughout everywhere, you can hear the power he delivers best in “Woman Like My Guitar,” but just as much power can be heard in their new politically charged rap-rock jams like “The Rant” and “Political Rage.”
The style really opens up in “Hey Oh” with radical riffage through new electrified tones, and in “Someday” you get a light and easy jam where there’s nothing but feel-goodness in the vibes.
There’s a lot of love put into each volume of Lucy and Jet Black, with all 30 tracks were written, engineered, and produced by Sam and Thayne. This project really exceeds expectations and showcases the talent and amazing music The Vonvettas can give to the world.
–Mark Broyles