Warpaint: Band is on the warpath with new self-titled album and a U.S. tour

It’s always nice to discover an up-and-coming band and follow them through their success. Upon hearing Warpaint’s The Fool in late 2009, I was instantly hooked and started recommending the record to anyone who would listen, even if most of them didn’t.
Four years later, the ladies of Warpaint are back, and the praise continues as this stellar self-titled follow-up should do all the talking needed for fans to latch on to this rising group. Returning from a massive tour overseas, the group is back on U.S. soil and we got a chance to chat as they basked in an amazing week (SXSW, “Conan”) and prepared for another festival (Coachella) before heading out on a U.S. tour.
“We’re really excited to get back out on the road in the states because it’s been a while and we have kind of been off the radar, so we feel like we need to get back out there and make some noise,” said Jenny Lee Lindberg (bass/vocals) during a phone interview. “We’ve always gotten a lot of love overseas and abroad, but we’re excited to be back on our home turf, and hopefully we’ll get the same love from our fans here.”
The band played a number of shows at at SXSW.
“It was really fun, we hadn’t been there in a while — the last time we played was probably four or five years ago when we had just signed with the label. We were playing three to four shows a day and partying pretty hard. It was insane and very tiring, so we had to be intoxicated to make it through,” Lindberg laughed.
The atmosphere was a little different than the last time they invaded Austin.
“This time is was more civilized,” Lindberg laughed. “We only played six shows the entire time, so we had more time to check out everything and eat lots of food.”
Following their stint at SXSW, the group added another achievement to their list by performing “Love Is To Die” on the “Conan” show.
“Playing on “Conan” was amazing. I was really excited and really nervous because I knew our families, friends and kids who knew me growing up would be watching,” Lindberg said. “I mean, there are only like 40 people in the live audience, but then I started to think about all the people watching us at home and that really made me nervous.”
Although the band only played one tune, they spent the entire day at the studio.
“We got there at like 9 a.m. and didn’t film until like 5 p.m., so we basically hung out all day. I did find these really sweet massage chairs and sat in them for a long time,” Lindberg laughed. “It was a great experience and we had a lot fun.”
Warpaint will also take the stage at Coachella this year, but this isn’t the first time. They are one of only a handful of bands that have graced both the dessert stage and the sea stage, as they played the Coachella Cruise in 2012.
“Wow. The show on the boat was a completely different situation than we had ever played. It was a strange and weird few days,” she laughed. “I don’t like the idea of a ship being out at sea that long, so I was pretty nervous. It was definitely one of the strangest things we’ve done.”
Don’t worry fans; a bad boat experience won’t keep the ladies from rocking the Coachella crowd.
“We love doing festivals, not only do we get to perform for people who might have never heard of us, but we also get to see all of our friends and meet new bands. It’s kind of like band camp and it’s really nice to be around a lot of people who know what you’re going through,” Lindberg said. “Plus, you get to hear a lot of rad music, so we couldn’t be more excited to play and feel that energy form the crowd.”
As the band tours the states over the next year, they will also be writing new material and hopefully release their third album once this tour is complete.
“We toured the first record into the ground and then came home and worked on an album for a year or so. This time around we’re going to write on the road, so once we’re finished we can go right into recording once the tour is over.
When the group stops at The Wild Buffalo on Saturday, May 3, expect a set list predominantly filled with songs from Warpaint as well as a few surprises.
“The set list is mostly new songs, but there are some older songs and we’re also playing a tune that we haven’t even recorded yet,” Lindberg said. “I love how our shows build as we feed of the audiences’ intensity and get into the groove. We want to come out on fire and have the shows end up as amazing as possible.”
See Warpaint at the Wild Buffalo on May 3. For more information about the band, check out warpaintwarpaint.com.