Album Review: A.I.

Heavy Steps
Self Released

Heavy steps is a figurative term for big decisions and/or progress through determination. Taken literally, it’s a term for stomping. Sometimes stomping is a product of anger. Other times it’s elation. Often, it’s both at the same time. Human relationships can be complicated beasts that elicit both anger and elation. They can be stomp inducing. They can leave you speaking in clichés They can leave you feeling ridiculous. This is where a lot of pop music comes from.
Heavy Steps is also the name of an EP by A.I., not to be confused with former NBA point-guard Allen Iverson. Though A.I. the band and A.I. the retired basketball player have little in common, they do have at least one shared interest: the want to play in arenas. A.I. the band self-describes as an arena rock group.
The production, under the direction of Fairhaven alumni, studio wiz-kid, and A.I. bassist Zach Morales, certainly reflects the group’s desire to perform under banners hanging in rafters. The vocals have a sheen to them, the lyrical guitar lines are gritless.
The songs themselves evoke the emotional tenor I referenced earlier, the kind brought forth by human relationships that leaves you stumbling over your words, comparing an item of infatuation to the item itself. As the other half of A.I., James Valentino, sings on the EP’s closing track: Darling your eyes are white like coal/ Hungry like an eye without a soul.
-Nick Thacker