Album Review: Duane King

Duane King is one awesome dude.  He’s been around for a while, entertaining the world for years, you may have even seen him before as Johnny Depp’s lawyer in the film ‘Blow’.  His new album Broke Music has got all the fixings for a good time. Superb guitar playing with the sweet, loving, heartfelt voice of King makes for spectacular collection of singer-songwriter Americana.
The album sounds great, the production is excellent, and each track is delivered to its fullest, layers blending together to maximize the potential the songs, they really couldn’t sound any better.  There’s a lot of subject variety as well – love songs, fun songs, badass songs, national pride songs, joke songs, and broke songs.
King has skill, style, and passion. Broke Music is a testament to all the love that King has to share, to the dream he still holds close to his heart. Even in his later years his fervor for a jubilant experience is expressed in every note.  The music speaks of a vivid account of one man’s connection with the world.  Through his triumphs and defeats King shares his story through song – his astonishment with the beauty of life in ‘The Morning Light’, the pride of his country in ‘The Land of America’, and the party that never stops in ‘All Day Long’ (Check that one out on YouTube, it’s hilarious).
Broke Music has a personality, it has memories, it has joy, it has disappointment, but it’s an optimist. Always searching for the good in life, a gracious offering to the world as he sacrificed his last penny into the work, ending the album proudly with the proclamation “I’m Broke” – but he’s still having a good time doing what he loves, regardless.  Broke Music epitomizes where true happiness is found, not in riches, but in sharing and spreading love, I’ll say it again; Duane King is one awesome dude.
–Mark Broyles