Album Review: Illa Belorukov

Illa Belorukov
I Did What Was Possible to Quiet Us
Self Released
Spectropol Records

Listening through I Did What Was Possible to Quiet Us by Ilia Belorukov (on Bellingham’s Spectropol Records) was an interesting experience to say the very least. The word avant-garde and experimental comes to mind when navigating through Belorukov’s 5-song release because what is offered is undoubtedly far-left from people’s normal ideas about what music is. Ambient-acoustic-noise-loops is the closest representation that could be brought forth into words. The ever growing and multiplying atmospheric sounds swirling around you sound as if a electronic artist tried to cover those rainforest sounds that people listen to to help them fall asleep… and after getting acclimated to the new waters that are being waded into, it turns out to be kind of soothing in a way.
By the time the first track “Astir” ends you quickly realize that this music is strictly for listeners with an open mind. Guided by one’s normal ideas of music one would expect the main melody, beat or bass-line to begin shortly after the beginning of a song, but soon you realize that you must brave these creations without your old familiar friends. The songs from there on out are all executed in similar manners, starting with small sounds, then growing and building little throbs and pops giving the feel as if you are walking through an electronic forest filled with the buzzing of mechanical insects (like on song “Gnats”) and the popping crackle of powered electronics. Some form of melody finally makes an appearance 3-minutes into fourth and title track but it’s very sparse and reserved.
While some soothing sounds can be found on I Did What Was Possible to Quiet Us it would really be a toss up on who and what situations these tracks could be recommended. It may not be for everyone but whether you are looking for something calming to fall asleep to, or enjoy talking a strolls through lush layers of ambient noise, Illia Belorukov is there waiting for you with an array of sounds all their own.
-Raleigh Davis